Oldest producer of polishing wheels from Czech republic. Since 1993.

Trading consequences

I.Basic conclusion

1. This  general terms and coditions  (hereafter just„TM“) are in accordance with § 1751 of czech law about civilconlusion 89/2012 Sb.,  (hereafter „CC“)

  • Representatives: Ivan Izsóf, Ondrej Izsóf
  • Brolle v.o.s.
  • ID: 46991417
  • TPID: CZ46991417
  • Headquarters: Zakřany 119, Zastávka u Brna, 66484
  • Registred by County court in Brno, ID: A 4930/KSBR          
  • Contact: Mr. Izsof, Brolle partnership, Zakrany 119, 66484, Czech republic
  • Email: brolle@brolle.cz
  • Phone: +420739457257
  • Web: www.brolle.cz


2. These TM´s adjust laws and rules between seller and person who make order without bussines activity as user, or within his own bussines (hereafter just: „seller“) thru website www.gripol.eu (hereafter „e-shop“).

3. Assignation is neccesary part of order. Changed conclusion in order are more important than this TM.

4. This TM and order are accepted in english language.


II. Goods and prizes

1. Infos about goods within introducing prizes of goods and it´s main properities are named like catalog. Prizes of goods are introducing with value added tax, all next charge return costs, if it is not possible to give back by classic delivery. Prizes are valid by period when you can see them on our webstore. This order is not changed order by indvidual conclusions. 

2. All prezentation of goods placed in this catalog is informative.Seller is not obligatory to make order. 

3. In webstore are relleased informations about packing and delivery fees.  Infos about fees neccesary to packing and delivery are valid only for UK, De, A, Pl, Sk, Cz.

4. Discounts are not possible to combinate between them except for individual order.

III. Order 

1. Incurring costs by buyer for comunication pay buyer alone.

2. Buyer make order by these ways:

  • Thru his personal account with registration,
  • Wright form withnout registration  


3.Buyer add goods to order with number of pieces, choose pay and delivery. 

4. Before send order must buyer have opinion for check and change his IDs which he put to order. Order will be send to seller by click on button buy. Data named in order are understanding as ful-fledget. Condition of validation order is naming of all neccesary data in order form. Buyer must have confirmation about introduce with these TM

5. Without delay after accept order seller send info to buyer that he receive order. Seller use email from buyer to this proces. This confirmation is automatical and it is not a conlusion of contract. Attechment is actual TM. Contract is accepted after receive order and validation by send email In proces".

6. In case that some inquire can not be fulfill must seller send info about it to buyer. In same time seller inform buyer about changed posibilities. Changed offer is new propose and inquire new accept from buyer.  Buyers accept is neccesary to complete this new job.

7. All orders accept from seller are obligatory. Buyer can Cancel an order (by e-mail grindingandpolishing@email.com) till seller don’t send message with acceptation..

8. In case when seller makes mistake in prize,he is not bind to sell by unvalid prize.. Seller must send message about mistake in prize and send change prize offer to buyer e-mail. This changed offer is understanding like a new offer and order is complete after acceptation from buyer.


IV. CliEnt account

1. Based on registration by client for this eshop he can visit his account. Client can make order without registration too.

2. Buyer have to use only right informations in his registration. If some of important information is changed buyer must change this  in his account.

3. Buyer accept that he is only one person which know his username and passport to eshop.

4. Buyer can not to share his account for third person..


V.Payment consequences and delivery

1. Cost prize of goods may buyer pay by cash or by on-line method:

  • in delivery cash 
  • by on-line method

2. If there is no more conditions buyer have to pay packing and delivery to seller.

3. In case when buyer pay in cash, he must pay in moment when he took goods from seller. In case when buyer pay on-line he have to send money before send goods..

4.Order is registred by invoice.

5.Goods is delivered to adress by order of buyer .

11. In case when buyer don’t receive an order from delivery every next bill is neccesary to pay from buyer to seller..

12.In case when box is broken buyer may decline this package from delivery.

13. Seller send invoice to buyer by e-mail.



VI. Cancel of order

1Lhůta pro odstoupení od smlouvy činí 14 dnů

2. Buyer can’t cancel order when:

  • his order wasn’t changed
  • his order was changed with his agreement
  • when goods was special designed for client
    when seller can easily repair mistake 

4. Time for cancel an order is 14 days from delivery

5. For cancel an order is neccesary describe an problem and send unused goods back to seller

6. Buyer must pay delivery back to seller if he cancel order

7. Seller must give money back as soon as possible if canceled order is valid.

Buyer and seller (both of them) may cancel an order if stock sources are longtherm empty.


VII. PosiBillities from miStakes caused of orDer goods

1. Seller produce only safe poslihing wheels from specified materials and gives condition of use to buyer.

2. If buyer cause mistake by use different proces, seller has not any responsibility




3.If in Relations between Buyer and seller will be complicated this terms and condition use an czech justici system.



 These terms and Conditions are valid since 11.september 2020.