Oldest producer of polishing wheels from Czech republic. Since 1993.

Technical cloth 300/25/30

Tip Magnifier

Use for: nickel, zinc, steel, copper, bronze, aluminium

Rigidity: medium

Recommended rounds: 1 500- 3000

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Product code 60
Category Standart polishing wheels
Warranty 2 years

Technical cloth is specific material. Important is wide of one layer. In on wheel you can find between 10-15 leaves. It is easy to use in combination with solid, fluid and creamy compounds.

Recommended RPM:

nickel, zinc copper, aluminium bras, bronze stainless steel
1.st 2400 1.st 2400 1.st 2400 1.st 2900
2.nd 1600 2.nd 2100 2.nd 1400 2.nd 2100

We are partnership from Czech republic. Our main part of production are standard polishing wheels for stainles steel, lack and galvanization. 

Since 1993.