Oldest producer of polishing wheels from Czech republic. Since 1993.

Stacked though polish wheel 400x20x30

Tip Magnifier

Matterial: Cotton

Use for: Common metal, steel, stainles steel

RPM: 1500m/s

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Product code 46
Category Stacked polishing wheels
Warranty 2 years

This wheels are typical by their construction.

Every stack is individual point. Between stacks are "gaps" in the same, or similar size.

It has influance for temperature of surface.Finish efect is cooling of metals.

U can use this fact when you need to polish a very thin metal sheet. 

Bruleko company was one of three main companies in Czech republic which produce polishing wheels. It works cca between years 2005 to 2017. Owner of company reccomend to his clients continue in cooperation with us. Main reason was great relations. We are still in contact with this gentleman.