Oldest producer of polishing wheels from Czech republic. Since 1993.

Sisal 100/20/8mm


Usefull for: brushing and pre-polishing of hard metals

Removing of oxidized layer from: steel, stainless, iron, brass, copper, aluminium and chrome

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Category Standart polishing wheels
Warranty 2 years

Brushing with polishing disc from natural sisal threads is usefull in combination with polishing compound. Target efect is removing of acid oxidized layer.Basic operation in galvanics. In the same time sisal wheel unificate surface as pre-polishing phase.

The next step is mirror polishing with second polishing wheel, depend on target material:

Stainless steel: Retex/technical cloth + chromax 

Brass, copper: Brunok + tripomax, softened cotton

Some of our clients likes combination sisal with cotton, becouse it save compound consumption.


We are partnership from Czech republic. Our main part of production are standard polishing wheels for stainles steel, lack and galvanization. 

Since 1993.