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How to choose size of wheel-circum speed


Hi there, 

probably most of you know about importance of three main values:

1.Circum speed / cutting speed (metres per second)

2.Rounds on shaft (rounds per minute)

3. Size of average (size for wide of wheel)

Best results are ussaly taken if you have circum speed about 33-48 metres per second in prepairing phase. In finishing phase it is about 28-33 metres in second. Circum speed is value which you have on working surface of wheel. It is not the same value which guarantee producer of polishing grinder. On your polishing grinder you can find a rounds per minute on shaft. The diference is in size of average of the wheel. That is the reason why every wheel has It own values for specific metals (or other materials). How fast must be your shaft and how big must be yours wheel is straight depend of yours target. For example. If I need to polish stainless steel from patina to mirror shine and my polishing grinder can give me from 2000-3000 rounds per minute I choose polishing wheel 250mm wide. First phase take 3000 rpm and second phase take 2000 rpm. Setting of yours polishing grinder is important the same as it’s power. 

Best regard Ondrej