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Four main properities in polishing proces

Metalpolishing is proces which respect primary aspect of material character and behavior in proces. Here is four simple properities which show you what is best equipment for yours result in real time. My oppinion is established by 15 years of working in polishing.


1.: Hardness: Stainless steel or zinc we know as hard materials. On the opossite side aluminium or copper are relatively soft. 


2:: Ductility: This properity is specific by alloying elements. Platinum is typical by the highest ductility. On the opposite side is gold.


3.: Machinability: We recommend to choose metal with best machinability if you have this possibility.


4.: Thermal conductivity: For polishing of lacquer, plastics, thin metalsheets and yours comofort is it very important properity. It is really hard to keep baking piece of metal while you must work et ease.


When you have answers for this questions you know if it is ok in your workshop, or if you need to do some changes.

Let me know, if you will have any questions.

Thanks for your time

With best regard Ondrej